Echoing the Dragon

Echoing the Dragon Amazon Echo and a Dragonboard 410c connected to several LEDs!

Echoing the Dragon is a cloud solution that allows you to control to interface with a Dragonboard 410c with Amazon Alexa.
“Seamless connectivity between an Amazon Echo and a Dragonboard 410c”

First, program your voice commands in the Alexa skill.
Then, handle them in the Dragonboard 410c!
Finally, just say “open dragonboard” and then your trigger sentence to control your Dragonboard 410c!

As a proof of concept, we created a little Nim-like game that you can play against a computer!

The server end of Echoing the Dragon was built with AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, and Alexa skills, programming the necessary components in Node.js. The Dragonboard 410c (+ Mezzanine) was programmed with Python.

Echoing the Dragon was built at Hack the Hammer 2018, a 24-hour hackathon at McMaster University!
Our team won Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device!

Check out the project page and learn about how it was created at Devpost!
Head to my GitHub repository.