CPR-VR This is the headset we used to simulate CPR in virtual reality! Note the cable going into the headset to connect to the phone and the Leap Motion sensor on the front.

CPR-VR is a virtual reality simulator for basic CPR training!
It runs as a standalone application on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
“CPR-VR gamifies a basic CPR procedure, making it easily accessible with Google Cardboard!”

The project was created in Unity and programmed in C#, the hardware was powered by Google Cardboard and Leap Motion, and the assets were created in SketchUp.

CPR-VR was created at UofTHacks IV, a 36-hour hackathon at the University of Toronto.
Our team of four won Top 10 Overall Hack!

Learn more about this project at HackerEarth.
Head to my GitHub repository.