It's me in a suit!

Hi, I’m William Qin

I am a high school student, developer, and creator! Currently, I am experimenting with new technologies and learning new skills as I pursue my passion for technology and creation. I am always eager to learn new things, take opportunities to grow, and tackle difficult problems.

It's me going hiking!

Since I was 9 years old, I have been applying my programming skills to develop interesting games, create problem solving applications, prototype hardware, and design websites. The very first programming language I learned was ActionScript, a language used in Macromedia Flash (today, it is known as Adobe Animate). My early journey through learning programming languages was a rough and unguided one—I only had imperfect examples to learn from! Despite all odds, I made exciting games that I brought to school for my peers and me to play!

It's me at a hackathon!

Today, I use and work with many different programming languages and tools! So far, I have…

It's me snowboarding!


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